“Aotearoa Seed Dragon ”
Third in the series, this beastie was to be akin to the country it was created in, Aotearoa/New Zealand and if possible incorporate at least an essence of current known traditions.  More than that i did not know and what appeared would be dictated substantially by the piece of stone itself, a hefty lump of Hinuera Stone. Being geologically very new to the land it has little in the way of “feel” to it or imprinted within it so in many ways is an appropriate choice for something not seen before (or so i assume). Click the images for bigger versions
The shape very much dictated the form, tempered with thoughts of a bone carving i created 30 something years ago.  The pencil grasped and flourished led to this initial design, as usual with much detail a bunch of unknown……..
First step create some depth and ponder how the various elements relate in 3 dimensions.
…… with added form shaping a something begins to emerge
With the basic form shaping up some attention was being put towards the background with the addition of various finer detail and then a flashback towards an earlier sculpture in the “Fragments in Time” series and larger detail became an obvious choice.  This also led to some body detail an an understanding of the soert of dragon i was dealing with…… a Seed Dragon that seeded possibilities.
And finally the eye, made out of Paua Shell.