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A new series of work that was initially inspired by the random fragments of stone i had available to sculpt along with degrees of thought and discussion around the concept of Time. As of this writing i have no idea how the series may develop but the first work is called “Creative Waves across Ripples of Time”, and unusual for me, the concept/name came with the first flourishes of the pencil on stone. Click images for larger versions, click in the text boxes to go to individual pages.
“FRACTAL LOTUS - a story within Consciousness A lot of words here around the contents of my head at the time More here
Mahara  Sculptures - mixed "Growing into Place" - index "Fragments in Time" - index Dragon Gallery
“Dreaming the Void” A very simple, self explanatory piece, i feel. There some words to be found  More here
“Family”   this piece was created as a demonstration and sort of explanation of how i go about sculpting. The process is documented in pictures and words created through the process More here
This work is still too new for much in the way of words but there is a photo of it in the garden. More here
First in the series. “Creative Waves across Ripples of Time” More here
“Journeys with Voice” A piece created to sell and raise funds for donation to a good cause. I am going to have to buy it myself More Here