So some may wonder if there is any significance in having a special “Mahara Sculpture” section over and above the fact i have moved to the Coromandel and am now to be found at The Mahara Sculpture Park and Pottery......... Well it took a while to develop a “sculptural significance” here so to speak, get a feel for the place, and figure on how i may add to what was here, (other than being rather good at raking leaves). The first thing was accessing more stone than what i had brought with me, lack of funding meant it had to be local which indicated Hinuera Stone. I still had a some Oamaru Stone to play with after my seeming long hiatus from sculpting, and able to bring just enough to get back in the flow, and this time with a focus more than before............ and that was to impact the local “energies” with the results of my sculpting, tailoring what i created to this place specifically, (you can interpret this as you will, it is not possible to get it wrong :-) I had succeeded at this approach with various previous commissioned works so this avenue was the key direction i set for myself. Is it working?? i assume so, there are indicators from time to time with there not really being any need to “know” if it is working, it’s like building a life you just do it. They are listed fairly much in order of creation with the first collection called the “Growing into Place”, specifically created for this place with certain qualities in mind.  On the left will be the various other series as they happen, latest last but by no means least. The various Series are displayed in “The Fence Post Gallery” in an outdoor gallery at the Mahara Sculpture Park. Click images for larger versions.
This is the first piece of Hinuera Stone I sculpted, a test piece to see if it would take a nice flowing curve and the like. It did.
Carved out of a slice of Oamaru Stone. The idea was to  create an elemental spanning the land and waters while encompassing growth and unfoldment.
A hefty slab of stone this,I am still exploring smooth flows and clean edges possible using along with the shadows that define form especially important in such a bland stone as Hinuera Stone.
This work was an experiment carved from a quite soft corner broken off some slab or other, the theme water. it is mounted on a rod and tends a bit incongruous.
This was a simple attempt at a directional arrow unfortunately not all that obvious.
Another work lacking intended deep significance..... but really if you just peel back the skin there is the light of the matter.
masc-08 masc-09 masc-10 masc-11
A wall hanging, nice colouring’s in the stone and the sculpture that decided me I could work with Hinuera Stone.
A play with flow in stone, a soft sample so I used it to test the durability of the coating I use on the stone and put it in a damp place on the Sculpture Walk.
Another softer piece of stone and now out on the Sculpture Walk, an experiment with the geometric.
This has significance in that it is the pattern I used for creating the head of the Labyrinth at Spring Farm. Very intricate to walk, very head clearing with the original being 16.5 metres across. Link  here  (it goes to a separate website) for the Labyrinth. Work done in Oamaru Stone.
This an odd shaped piece of stone sculpted with a simple pattern to indicate the creative play (two Koru) within the one utilizing the idea of ripples in a pond (of life).
masc-16 masc-17 masc-21
The beginnings a hole that came to partly resemble a figure yet encompasses the geometric and yet to be, a tad mixed up maybe.
These two are slabs of the same block, a very soft Oamaru Stone that didn’t allow for much in the way of detail.
Just a quickie on a random slab and as with all the sculptures ultimately you supply the meaning.
A fun wee sample sculpted especially for the Sculpture Walk, quirky and a fine use for bits of softer stone.