The Workshop Zone - dust city  Going to this page gives a general look at a stone sculpture workshop space. Ideas on tools, stone, and showing the progression of various works by way of illustration.   Also a few words describing the process of sculpting in Oamaru Stone and Hinuera Stone, and a bit about the  relative merits of the two types of stone. It is biased just a touch.  Also some possible insights into the creative process, probably not all that informative as it pertains to how this sculptor goes about things but at least offers the hope that if “he” can do it like “that” then anyone can..................
Contact me You can contact the agent of creation, (at least on this level of existence, and i am not admitting to being a  sculptor), at the following email address                                                                   sorry no clickable links. The Google Maps address is   -36.984762, 175.543958 There is no cellphone number, (they are head cookers didn’t you know..... :-) There never will be a cellphone and No COVERAGE here either, heaven on earth really. Physical address: 436 Tapu Coroglen Road, Tapu, Thames Coast, Thames Coromandel Peninsular
Links A mixed bag of artists and other sites of interest................. possibly I might even add more one of these days but those below have stood the test of time. MAHARA SCULPTURE GARDEN and POTTERY Just the sort of place you have to visit.............. and often Artists  BEN WOOLLCOMBE  A FINE water colourist, my favourite actually. He also makes pretty  good clay ovens as well. ANGELA TREAT LYON  Another fine artist in stone, paint etc, a sculptor by any other name. Labyrinth links MID-ATLANTIC GEOMANCY  A well known site for the Spiritual Ecologist.  Good labyrinth section PLUS. JO EDKINS MAZE PAGES   are just plain good.  If you are going to get hooked this is a good site to visit. MARTY CAINS SITE  Excellent for the many pictures of different sorts Labyrinths types, locations, and construction styles.  Lots of ideas to be had. ALEX CAMPION  is a builder of fine labyrinths and mazes in the USA. GRETCHEN McPHERSON A selection of sacred geometry jewelry and power objects featuring platonic solids, archemedian solids etc, etc. Well crafted and inspiring of personal growth as well as just plain beautiful jewellry
A Bio of sorts - I am admitting nothing   This of course is a completely unbiased (tho suitably edited........... and probably embellished) account of this Treedragon persona, influencing factors and motivations (those that I admit to anyway). I advise you take it all with a pinch of stone dust {-)  It has been further edited and updated as of July 2016 and still nothing of it is to be taken as “truth” as it it my version and you had to be there.
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