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FREESTANDING WORKS Mainly older works, an assortment of styles and sizes although most are smaller works to suit indoor locations. I only have the one large work displayed, a special work to commemorate the passing of a young man. Of late I have started sitting some of the smaller panels on legs so they can be displayed on a table or benchtop. Very easy to display, wonderful talking points
PANELS - Bas Relief   These are the pieces I really like doing and mainly what i sculpt.  Carved out of relatively thin slabs of stone they are "Bas Reliefs" designed to be hung on walls and the like. The works on these pages are from when I was sculpting in purely Oamaru Stone prior to 2014.   Subject matter is varied although most manage to include the ubiquitous spiral often in the Koru form (unfurling fern frond). These are the works I feel are more sculptures in light, a working of form to reflect ambient light creating illusions of depth. CANDLESTONES   These pieces are rather special and have taken a surprising hold on me with their simplicity, flow, and functionality.  Ostensibly they are simple candle holders designed to hold a votive candle, dedicated to growth and bringing forth the light within.  Potential expressed in the volatility of stone, volatile compared to the light within you that is......... They are proving very popular.
Stone sculpting is something I started in the late 1990’s after it became apparent that I would not be able to continue Bone Carving due to hand issues. The observation at the time was that I could still hold a hammer and chisel....... It was a good move, very satisfying and not half as fiddly as the bone carving although my choice of stone did not really allow for the finer detail I was used to creating. This could have been mitigated by using much harder stone but that = time and expense and I had things to express so I settled on the then for me relatively local Oamaru Stone, a limestone that had a nice balance between speed, detail, cost. The essence of this stone choice is it’s even lightness rather than stone patterning, rather the works becoming a sculpting of light rather than of stone. Click on any of the sections below to see the respective galleries and please be aware some of the earlier pieces have marginal photos at best.
Home Sculpture Bone Carving Photography Paintings Labyrinth Information The Mahara Sculptures   These are what i am working on now and can be seen in person at the  Mahara Sculpture Park and Pottery  in The Fence Post Gallery.  There is a lot of work developing here so this is the go to place for current works.       A new series has been started  -  “Fragments in Time”  i am working on the 5th sculpture now, link here