As of June 2017 i am developing a new gallery with the main subject being Dragons.  No specific type, just representations of dragonish beings however they may come off the end of the chisel. The area concerned is under the trees between a Golden Totora and an Oak, bordering on the the forest, lot’s of indirect lighting with a tending dark background full of Tree Ferns an Nikau Palms, areas that will highlight the lighter shades of stone to visual advantage.  The initial sculptures consist of two that already exist and a new one, the one that started the whole concept...... So let’s start with a image from afar. Click images for larger versions.
Here we have the path in, three mounted slabs of stone ready to be carved and one prior work, followed by a clutch of Dragons eggs.....
<----  The beginning sculpture More here
Fingael More here
An Aotearoa Seed Dragon More here