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In memory of Dave Whittaker creator of the Labyrinth Rocks Park.                                    I was only introduced to Dave very late in the piece, he a notable in Golden Bay. We were aware of each other due the fact we both had Labyrinths, his a most natural sort, and mine a giant Turf Labyrinth down south, but meetings were not made until almost too late....... but meet we did and the connections were immediate. More time would have been good. I cannot speak of the impact Dave had in the Takaka/Golden Bay area as that is for others to contemplate if they wish, but I have heard of it and it was all good. However personally we got on together like we had always known each other, it didn’t need understanding. The funny thing was it turned out we were born in the same obscure place in Yorkshire, had the same specific interests during youth and later life, although expressed through different detail. Over the years since, he pops into my awareness on a regular basis and it is only now that I finally get it together to write this brief tribute. He was a most valuable asset to Golden Bay and created spaces of wonder by simply looking around him and seeing potential, in this case that potential became Labyrinth Rocks. At the time I would have liked to continue his work at Labyrinth Rocks but could not figure out how to do it. I miss the easy and deep communication, Dave would have been a fine example for many, myself included. So here are some images I took back then and offer them as a form of tribute, a thank you for being Dave. Click the images to view bigger versions.
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